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Veterinary Nurse 

We have an exciting opportunity for a part time position of a Veterinary Nurse:

The duties of the veterinary nurse will be:
Assisting with the surgeries.
Preparing animals for the surgery.
Cleaning the exam rooms, dental room, theaters.
Preparing the exam rooms for the visits.
Assisting the veterinary surgeon during the visit
Ordering medications.
Pricing up the surgeries in the system.
Data management such as x-rays, medicine stock levels, etc.
Registering clients in BeeFree system.
Booking appointments for the surgeries.
Ordering medication and medical equipment.
Data management such as invoices, microchips, blood test results, etc.
Picking up the phones and answering client's questions.
Managing Happy Paws Facebook inbox.

If you care about animals, enjoy working in a team environment, are dynamic, eager to develop your career and are looking for a challenging job, this is the spot for you.
Please send your CV and the covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

      Veterinary Surgeon
Happy Paws Animal Clinic has a vacancy for an experienced veterinary surgeon.
An exciting opportunity for a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon with 4-6 years experience, to join our amazing team at the Happy Paws Animal Clinic, one of the best in Malta.
We are offering a permanent full time position.
Qualifications required:
- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
- License of good conduct from applicable state veterinary board
- Comfortable providing services (vaccinations/blood draws/micro chipping, fecal tests) in front of clients
- 4 to 6 years of experience, in general practice and surgery
- Excellent customer service
- Able to provide training in general surgeries to final year veterinary students.
- Able to provide services in a fast paced environment
- Liability insurance required
- Maltese veterinary warrant
Candidates are requested to send their CV to:
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unlucky?...... lucky!

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An 8 weeks old blind stray kitten, found a family today!  We had a complicated surgery on a 8 weeks old stray kitten. The eyes were so badly infected by the herpes virus that we had to remove them. Sounds like a very sad story. However, there was a girl that was asking us few days ago if we have any kitten to adopt. When we told her about this one she wanted him straight away. Today Sacha came with her boyfriend Jimmy and they are going to take care of the kitten that they named "Coco".

You would be surprised about how much of a "normal life" blind cats can have. Here you can find some tips how to live with a blind cat:

Another Emergency

21414629 1454838534552499 4867458865563367556 oYesterday we had an emergency surgery. A female street dog that had a Pyometra which is a life threatening infection in the uterus. Our Dr. Louise Forrest started the surgery just minutes after the dog was brought to the clinic. The situation was very dangerous because if it was not operated on immediately, the dog might not have survived. Right now, the dog is fine and doing well.

The biggest thank you goes to Rosalind Agius, who brought the dog to the clinic. She is running the Association for Abandoned Animals. She found the dog and noticed that something was not right. Rosalind is an angel who saved hundreds of street dogs. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please check the Association for Abandoned Animals facebook icon page


We have just neutered 1000 stray cats this year! Half of them could be females. It means that we saved the island from 9000 abandoned kittens in 2018!


unspayed cat

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Last week our A/Cs got stolen and we are still struggling with the heat. As most of you already know, we will get new ones from generous donors. First help just arrived! Completely new portable A/C. It is very much a necessity for today and the following days till the new A/Cs will be installed. Thank you Fieldsportsmalta Limited"

foto van Happy Paws Charity Organisation.Someone has stolen our A/C units from our clinic's outside wall! It happened between yesterday 4pm and this morning 7am. We arrived this morning and we thought that our A/C's were broken, unfortunately after a while we realised that they are not working because they are not there any more! We had a lot of surgeries today and we have many more everyday from Monday to Friday! Its not fair on the animal patients at the clinic in this weather to have to cope without A/C . Who could have an idea to steal from the charity?! If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact us immediately on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Maybe we can solve the theft together. The A/C unit's brands were Mercury EcoFresh and Westpoint. If you care about strays please share!

New Student

20906873 2009722595720458 360850042 oWe are happy to introduce you to our new student, Grant Hampson. Grant comes from London and is studying at Royal Veterinary College. 
Grant, we would like to welcome you. We hope you will gain useful insight and professional experience.

Happy Paws dog training

Thank you for attending to Happy Paws dog training with Anna Rahn at our clinic yesterday. If you are interested in more courses about dog's behavior please follow the Happy News page on our website and facebook page. There will be more training soon.


Thank you WORLD VETERINARY SERVICE for your kind donation.20773541 2001737149852336 427922226 o

In memory of Ms Julie Belinda Scerri who passed away on the 13th September. The family requests that instead of receiving flowers, donations will be given to Happy Paws Charity Organisation and Tomasina Cat Sanctuary. Thank you very much. Rest in peace Ms Julie Belinda Scerri, a true animal lover.

cat with rose

Chihuahua found!

A lady came with it to the shop today. Found in front of LIDL Santa Venera. She took it to the vet first: Female, 8  years old plus, not chipped. Call Kevin Micallef 7988 4081. 

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Her feeder found her weak and covered in tar after few days missing. You can not imagine how painful it has to be. Our veterinary surgeon Louise and veterinary nurse Ilija spent more than one hour to remove the tar. Hopefully now she will get better. 
Please do not leave open buckets with tar. You know how curious cats can be!
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Thank You!!

It is amazing to see that animals have so many friends and supporters!

We will be given new A/Cs!

Happy Paws Charity Organisation has received help and donations from many of you and it is very nice to see people unite for a great cause.

Thank you very much on the behalf of all the stray cats and dogs and on behalf of the wonderful staff at the Happy Paws Charity Organisation.

Also, special thank you to everyone that shared our story as well as the Media that helped people to become aware of the theft we were victim of.

Happy Paws Clinic will continue its mission to help the strays. So far we have treated over 50,000 animals.

Most of our work goes to help the stray animals; we heal them and neuter them for free and all of this is made possible through the support of our amazing community.

Special thanks to the donors that came to help right away. 
Because of them the clinic can continue to perform surgeries. 
Mr Charles Pace 
Mr Philip Gatt 
Mr Karl Galea of Audio Electronics
Cutrico Limited
Fieldsportsmalta Limited

The police investigation is still ongoing.

Cat for Adoption!

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This lovely kitten who's name is Ziggy is for adoption. It's gender is unknown for now and judging from the photo we think it's between 2-3 months old.
Kindly call Jenny on 79038088 if you are interested in adopting it.


If you see a dog with a YELLOW RIBBON or something yellow on the leash , this is a dog who needs some space . Please do not approach this dog with your dog . Please maintain distance or give this dog and his / her person time to move out of your way. For more information see:

How to become a dog leader and friend?
We invite you to the lecture "How to speak to a dog", by Anna Rahn - a professional animal trainer and behaviorist. 
The seminar will take place at Happy Paws Animal Clinic in Marsa on the 8th of august at 6pm. Duration of the lecture is 2 hours. 
The lecture is for all those who want to learn more about dog language and behavior or improve their relations with their pets.
Issues discussed during the lecture:picture
* how dogs perceive the world
* dog's nose - what is the importance of sniffing in dog's life
* signals of aggression presented by dogs
* calm signals presented by dogs
* analysis of dog's behaviours
* why do dogs bite?
Lecture will only be available in English.
Number of seats are limited. Please book your seat by visiting our clinic and purchasing a EUR5 or book your seat via
EUR5 is a donation contributed to Happy Paws Charity Organisation to buy medicine for the sick stray animals that are brought to Happy Paws Animal Clinic everyday for treatment."

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