Mcast Visitors

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An afternoon visit from Phyllis, Cornelia, Ruth and Fay, level 3 students working towards a diploma in Animal Care at Mcast.

Sharon at the shop!

20180509 120125 miniSharon Zammit from the HSBC volunteered at our St Venera shop recently, we thank her very much for her support.

Rainbow Wall

2018 05 08 PHOTO 00001285We thank these 2 youngsters for sponsoring us by buying a heart to add to the Rainbow Wall.

big 001We have 2 new dog adoptions today which brings the total up to 233.

Latest Dog's name is Timothy. He is a 2 year old Chihuahua. Owner's name is Connie Tonna. Adopted from AAA.

Our latest interns

2018 04 21 PHOTO 00001113 mini

We would like to wish our two Dutch veterinary students Blanche and Myrthe, who worked with us two weeks ago, a happy 'veterinary' future. It was lovely to have a few Dutch moments in the clinic!

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The same wishes for Tessa and Charlotte, who are with us now. Veterinary students from the Royal Veterinary College in London.

They write: We both really enjoyed our time at Happy Paws clinic and want to thank the whole team for teaching us so much and being so patient. We've had a great time exploring the island too, finding many ice cream shops along the way.

HSBC Volunteers

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Last week we had Volunteers from the HSBC bank to help us out at the clinic. Here is Gayle Degabriele comforting one of our patients. We thank her for helping us and for her kind comment:

"I really enjoyed volunteering at Happy Paws and seeing what goes on at the clinic.
Everyone is lovely and very dedicated to their work.
Animals are treated with love and even though the clinic is very busy they are given all the attention they need and deserve."

Our Marsaskala shop will now be open from 9 till 1 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And from 9 till 5.30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The staff have also rearranged the shop to look even more attractive!! Prosit!


 Vet Nurse


We have an exciting opportunity for a Veterinary Nurse to join us at Happy Paws

If you love animals and you enjoy helping them, this job is for you!

It is a full time job, 40 hours per week. 
The experience of working with animals will be an asset.

Job description:
Assisting with the surgeries
Preparing animals for the surgery
Cleaning the exam rooms, dental room, theaters
Preparing the exam rooms for the visits
Assisting the veterinary surgeon during the visit
Ordering medications
Pricing up the surgeries in the system
Data management such as x-rays, medicine stock levels, etc.
Registering clients in software system
Booking appointments for the surgeries
Ordering medication and medical equipment
Data management such as invoices, microchips, blood test results, etc.
Picking up the phones and answering client's questions
Managing the Happy Paws Facebook page
Be fluent in Maltese and English

Please send the CV and the covering letter to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

No need to be cruel!

So cruel! Again! Another animal with pellets inside its body. Can you imagine the pain? It was very suspicious why dog Johan was so frightened and quiet since it was found a few days ago by Rosalind Agius from Association for Abandoned Animals. Rosalind knew that there was something different with this dog. The X Ray unit, donated to Happy Paws, let us see the damage in the Johan's body. Big thanks to the Rosalind for taking care of those poor animals. Please stop hurting animals! No need to be cruel!

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Wonderful Donation

26911000 1796186857090870 259061159883806684 oWhat a lovely day! We have just got a huge donation from Rosalind Agius from Association for Abandoned Animals! Look at the picture!!! Medical supplies like syringes, gauze compresses, pads and more! She got it as a donation from abroad but it is more helpful in the clinic. What a lovely cooperation between charity organisations! All for the strays. Thank you Rosalind Agius you are an Angel.

Pet Passports

26166512 1764494723593417 5654416028241669264 nGoing abroad with your pet? Be sure your pet can cross the border as easy as you.
The EU pet travel passports are available at Happy Paws.

We like to introduce our new Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Pauline Gaasbeek. Originating from The Netherlands she decided to settle in Malta (not the only Dutchy here!). After her studies at the renowned University of Utrecht in Holland, she has practised since 1997 in various clinics.We are very proud she has joined us with her vast experience in veterinary care and wish her lots of happiness and fun in her new life.

2018 05 08 PHOTO 00001287

Pauline is on the left, in the middle is her visiting sister-in-law (with kids) who also happens to be a Vet.

Lovin Malta!

We are very proud of this positive article in Lovin Malta...


We thank Jennifer Mifsud  from the HSBC,  for recently volunteering at our Happy Paws Charity shop in Hamrun.

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We again thank Mrs Elaine Guindon from the USA, for a very welcome  donation of Euro 160. This kind lady donates to us every year!!!

Wonderful Donation!

We thank Trevor Attard and Doratienne Abdilla for a donation of Euro 210, on the occasion of their wedding and we wish them a HAPPY future!

IMG 9767

Today we were honoured by a visit in our clinic by His Excellency Mr. Joop Nijssen, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, accompanied by Miss Ilse Kramer. This gave us a welcome opportunity to show them around and introduce the work that is done by our very dedicated staff and volunteers. Happy Paws Clinic neuters/spays, depending on the prevailing weather, approximately 15 stray cats a day, and provides the feeders of stray colonies and cat sanctuaries, a professional veterinary clinic, where their wards receive free neutering, medical care and medication against cost price. The same applies to the sanctuaries of stray dogs, in a joint effort over the last 8 years we have managed to reduce the amount of stray dogs roaming free, dramatically. Our new Dutch Veterinary Surgeon, Drs. Pauline Gaasbeek, started work last month, and is full of ideas how to extend our services to the stray community in general. She is also a welcome addition to our team, as the Dutch ex’pets’ can now explain their aches and pains in their native language.

29251369 2321441184548596 1564303896 oWe welcome future Dr. Giulianna Chierici and future Dr. Emily Bissets. They are in their last year of the University of Edinburgh. 
We are very grateful for their help during an internship at the Happy Paws Animal Clinic. Wishing them all the best in their veterinary careers!

a lovely donation!

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Present for Happy Paws with all my good wishes - better for the animals than for my 90' Birthday!! Happy New year to you all. Kind regards. Patricia Jack (mrs). EUR385  
Can you see these cheques? We just got a lovely donation from Mrs Patricia on her 90th Birthday which was on the 19th of December 2017. Thank you on behalf of all Happy Paws Team and strays in Malta.

Microchip your cat!

Cat Microchipping miniThe Veterinary Regulation of Ministry For The Environment just made an announcement that from today we can register cat microchips in the Maltese data base. It means that if your cat will be lost you have a big chance to find it! All you have to do is to come and microchip your cat. We will only charge for the implementation. The registration will be free of charge. You can come without a special appointment to implement the microchip in your cat at the Happy Paws Clinic. The microchip will be registered the same day as the implementation. Please do it asap for the good of your cat!
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