Our Sponsors/Partners

We thank these Companies and Organisations for their continuous invaluable support!

for their assistance with transport logistics esp. from the Netherlands.
Assisiting us with various aspects of Stray Animal care
for their help with transport logistics esp. from the U.K.
With our Communication requirements
Taking care of our printing
tel: 2168 0789
with our various equipment needs
for looking after our Safety requirements

💚 We also like to thank the following supporters for their personal contributions:

  • HSBC Valletta
  • Gabriele Ruttloff
  • "Islands of Cats"
  • Qajjenza Bar & Diner
  • Ms. Elaine Camilleri
  • Angie and George
  • Mr. Ivanov
  • Mrs. Clair Borg
  • Mr. Sergei Lobzov
  • Julie Williams
  • Mrs. Galea
  • Mr. Alexander Bolshunov
  • Mr. G.E. Mahmud Oglu
  • Debbie Estrada
  • the students of the Tarxien Skola Sajf
  • CRC Naxxar
  • Ms. Elaine Camilleri
  • Mrs. M Scrimshaw
  • Medserv Operations Ltd.
  • Vivien Marsland
  • RUBS Puppy Love
  • Japanese TV Company "The Works"
  • Elaine Camilleri
  • Jane Marvy
  • Tim Dambrauskas
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