About Us

Happy Paws Charity Organisation, founded in 2004, strives to be a service to the STRAY animal community in Malta and to the people who care for them, by providing Free neutering for those caretakers who have joined our Team, in our own Veterinary Clinic, promoting our stray dog/cat adoption schemes and various other programs. Apart from our resident Veterinary Staff, it is completely run by volunteers. We finance the organization by operating 2 charity shops, through sponsorships, donations, our Rainbow wall and fund-raising events.

We believe the only way to control stray dog and cat overpopulation and the killing of adoptable animals is by decreasing birth rates.

This is why in 2008, we opened the Happy Paws Animal Clinic – the only dedicated spay- and neuter clinic of its kind in Malta.

Happy Paws is a registered and recognised non-profit NGO (VO 0119).

We have 27 visitors online.

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