Malta's first NGO to Accept Bitcoin Donations!

 Help Strays by Donating in Bitcoin 5

Happy Paws and Bitcoin – you can help abandoned animals in Malta.

Happy Paws Charity Organisation is the first NGO in Malta that accepts donations in Bitcoin. More and more people are using Bitcoin as a way of payment so we made it possible to donate in this new currency. We are very grateful for every donation because it lets us offer free neutering for strays which helps to decrease the amount of abandoned animals on the streets in Malta. All donations will be used to treat animals in need.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, also referred to as crypto currency. They are stored on a virtual wallet making it easier to store and transport your money when compared to carrying a physical wallet with cash and/or cards. Your Bitcoin wallet has a unique address made up of numbers and letters (similar to an IBAN number) which allows you to safely share publicly to send and receive Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows worldwide transactions on a decentralised platform at lower costs when compared to traditional transactions. Visit BitMalta for more information on Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Why every kind of donation is so important for Happy Paws?

Happy Paws is a non-profit organization which depends on donations and private treatments to help the local animal community. We have a group of volunteers who are running our two Charity Shops in Marsaskala and in Santa Venera/Hamrun. Because of the generous donors, and the hard work of our volunteers, we have managed to neuter roughly 15,000 strays and have treated over 50,000 animals, both private and stray, since we opened in 2008. To continue helping your pets and keep giving a better life to stray animals, we need regular donations. We also understand that to achieve our vision of ensuring that each animal has a home cannot be realized by just one organization and this is why we work closely and offer significant discounts to local animal sanctuaries, shelters, feeders and fosters. Every Bitcoin donation will be spent on treatment for those animals without a home.

Not Just for Strays

Happy Paws helps all kind of household animals by offering competitively priced veterinary services for private owners. For those on social benefits Happy Paws offers special discounts where medication is offered at cost price as well as a significant discount on the veterinary fee.

Just in the last month we managed to:

  • Neuter 225 cats and 38 dogs.
  • Treat 86 stray animals
  • Offered veterinary services to 24 animals that belong to people with social benefits.

Don’t have Bitcoins but still want to help?

We understand that Bitcoin is a new currency which not everyone may have. We also accept donations via bank transfer, PayPal or SMS.  You can also support our charity by using our clinic or donating your unwanted items which are in good condition.

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