Professional Dog Training with Karolina Han

25552210 1746495705393319 8766511183400385575 nWe invite you to the lecture "Relationship, communication and understanding your dog", whose speaker will be Karolina Han, a qualified dog trainer.

Date: march 19th, at the Happy Paws Animal Clinic in Marsa.

Karolina has participated in international courses and workshops held by the the world’s best animal behaviourists and animal trainers, like Edmond Kan, Catalin Cornea, Alex Capra,Tony Tramonte, Marina Garfagnoli, Federico Bettoni and many others.

The seminar will take place at the Happy Paws Animal Clinic in Marsa.
Duration of the lecture is 2 hours. 
The lecture is for all those who want to learn more about dog language and behaviour or improve their relationship with their pets.
It will be the theoretical part, so please come without your pets.
The practical part will be organized between 20th and 23rd of March.

The lecture will only be available in English.

The number of seats is limited. Please book your seat at 20 Euro, by visiting our clinic.
EUR 20 is a donation contributed to the Happy Paws Charity Organisation to buy medicine for the sick stray animals that are brought to the Happy Paws Animal Clinic everyday for treatment. 

For more information please call 2122 7127.

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